Friday, November 23, 2007

And the World Goes Nuts

JELLYFISH WARNING: Massive swarms hit Scotland
DAVID ROSS, Highland Correspondent November 23 2007
CommentA call has gone out to beachcombers, fish farmers, boatmen and anyone else on Scotland's coast to prepare for the invasion of the jellyfish.

Earlier this week it was revealed the invaders had choked Northern Ireland's only fish farm, killing 100,000 fish and causing £1 million of damage.

Today it was reported around 140,000 young salmon have been killed north of Belfast and around 15 miles from a the first incident.

Now huge numbers of the stinging baby jellyfish are swarming in Scottish waters and yesterday the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) launched a recruitment drive for volunteer sentries on our beaches to maintain a lookout.

They are to report amy sighting of these unseasonal blooms as part of a national surveillance operation, the MCS Jellyfish Survey.

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