Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Greenpeace Isn't Happy

Uh, oy, we just got a Wii:
Xbox bad for the environment, Nintendo even worse, says Greenpeace
It may be top of the list for many gaming freaks this Christmas, but the Xbox 360 is not good for planet earth, according to Greenpeace.

Microsoft's console has fetched up perilously near the bottom of Greenpeace's updated league of safe-thing-making companies, thanks to MS only promising to remove toxic chemicals from the manufacturing process by 2011 and not running any sort of recycling scheme for the (millions of) broken machines out there.

But it's Nintendo that really deserves the rap, having scored an abysmal 0/10 on Greenpeace's happy scale and was placed at the very bottom of the environmental charts, thanks to Nintendo providing no information about product chemical contents to consumers at all.

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Anonymous said...

How odd--Greenpeace seems to be getting stretched a bit thin.