Saturday, November 3, 2007

Mayors' Conference on the Climate

About the US Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Summit im Seattle:
Seattle PI, Times, etc: Those weenie CFL bulbs were just climate change training wheels. Now, Mr. Mayor, for the real work…
November 2nd, 2007
In Seattle is unfolding a US Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Summit, and it’s getting plenty of local ink. Gore is there, Bill Clinton is there. That is, more than 100 mayors and several heavy hitters who turn out big crowds and now cheer-leading some big talk.

The Tracker likes the lede in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer yesterday on its curtain raiser by Lisa Stiffler. “Fluorescent bulbs were climate change activism on training wheels …(now) it’s time for overthrowing the old order…” . And today she and Jennifer Langston follow with Bill Clinton’s upbeat exhortation to the mayors that green technologies mean jobs, economic expansion, and all the other things that might mean the US can fight global warming and recession at the same time. Hope so.

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