Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Recycling Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is America Recycles Day, with a number of events scheduled around the country. Don't know of anything on Long Island, though.

A Day for Recycling

by Trey Granger
Earth 911

America Recycles Day falls annually on November 15, a day where local communities, state officials and the federal government have recognized the importance of recycling since 1997. Through local programs and events, the goal of America Recycles Day has always been to educate on recycling and the use of recycled products.

America Recycles Day was inspired by the Texas Recycling Coalition, which developed a program called Texas Recycles Day in 1993. This statewide event was designed to put recycling in the spotlight, and though it took four years for the program to go nationwide, Texas Recycles Day was the model for the national program.

The National Recycling Coalition petitioned the Federal government to designate America Recycles Day as a nationally recognized holiday. Now in its 11th year, America Recycles Day reaches millions of people to educate on the importance of recycling more than once a year.

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