Thursday, November 8, 2007

Recycling Medications

From Earth911, tips on ways to recycle medications while not giving up your personal information.

Don’t Recycle Your Identity
by Mark Rappaport
Proper disposal of unwanted medications is important, and one of the more popular methods for proper disposal of pharmaceuticals is the take-back program or disposal in the everyday trash. These two options are becoming more popular as information about how
flushing meds is damaging the environment.
Take-it-back programs are usually sponsored by pharmacies and accept all kinds of pharmaceuticals: over the counter, personal care products and prescription drugs, including
controlled substances. The take-back programs put on by local government can accept all these types of medications but NOT controlled substances.
So first knowing what kind of drugs you have is important as to which kind of program you should use. Check with your doctor or pharmacist to find out if your meds are controlled substances. And, as always, check with the take-it-back program to confirm what it accepts.
For those of you that just have to read the federal law, you can view the United States Drug Enforcement Agency’s list of
controlled substances here.

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