Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Trees, in Brooklyn and Elsewhere

The Flatbush Gardener has some thoughts on street preservation and on stormwater reduction. On the street trees, the Gardener notes:
The city spends $21,774,576 each year on its 584,036 living street trees (2005/2006 census), an average of $37.28 for each tree. The annual cost savings and other benefits to the city are $121,963,347, $208.83 per tree, for a Cost-Benefit ratio of $5.60 returned on every $1.00 invested. The second biggest contributor to this impressive %560 annual rate of return is stormwater runoff reductions.

I have no idea what our local communities spend on trees or other kinds of growth but I'll bet the city is more focused than we are here on the Island, where the emphasis seems more focused on parks recreational sites.

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Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Thanks for the link, and for letting me know about this blog. I grew up on Long Island, and I'm well aware that Brooklyn is part of it!

The City does invest a lot in its street trees. Because of that, the value of this investment is often questioned, hence the need for a detailed study such as this. The city's ROI far exceeds that of other large cities studied to date.

There have been similar studies for smaller cities which may be more applicable to municipalities on Long Island. My post has links to the source materials, if your readers want to learn more.