Friday, November 30, 2007

Buried Fuel Tanks

From Newsday. This can't be good!
Islip buried old fuel tanks, whistle-blowers claim

The expansion of a parking lot at Bay Shore High School has been delayed while state officials conduct soil tests after a group of retired Islip town employees came forward, saying the town had buried tar and fuel tanks there decades ago.

The whistle-blowers, who said they didn't speak up when they worked for the town for fear of retribution, finally did so last month when they smelled fumes stirred up by a construction project next to the school. The school is expanding its Second Avenue parking lot on property owned by Islip. It is next to a town public works yard.

A state Department of Environmental Conservation inspector who conducted visual and "sniff" tests at the construction site yesterday told school officials they could continue pouring concrete for the foundation of a retaining wall but could not lay asphalt until the DEC completes its analysis. The DEC said initial results show no environmental contamination at the site. The Suffolk County Water Authority said most homes in this residential neighborhood use public water, but that there may be some wells in the area.

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