Thursday, December 27, 2007

Turf Show

9th Annual Organic Turf Trade Show

The Neighborhood Network's Organic Turf Trade Show will be held Tuesday, February 26, 2008, at the Old Bethpage Village Restoration Reception Center, Old Bethpage, NY

The show is specifically geared towards professionals in the green industry.

The Organic Turf Trade Show features displays from vendors of 100% organic turf care products, as well as workshops on the latest in caring for turf without toxic chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Last year 250 attended, including landscapers, horticulturists, golf course & parks employees, and garden centers from around the region, as well as school facilities managers, public officials, and non-profit groups, to see and learn about the state of the art in organic turf care.

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Anonymous said...

Link for more info about the Organic Turf Trade Show:

:-) said...

This is one of the best most informative shows i've ever attended look foward to it this year!! I think more people should be aware of the stuff we put on this earth. I urge all to go!!!