Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great Lakes Compact

Environmental Advocates of New York is cheering the passage of the Great Lakes Compact, which passed the state Assembly yesterday. The State Senate passed the same measure last week. Here's what EANY has to say about it:

Yesterday, the New York State Assembly voted unanimously to pass the Great Lakes Compact. Now the Compact goes to Governor Spitzer's desk to be signed into law.

Please act now to thank your Assembly member for passing this historic measure, which will help to protect Great Lakes water for generations to come.

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact will protect one of the state’s most precious natural resources, Great Lakes water, and guarantee that New York has a seat at the table when it comes time for the region to make hard choices about water management.

Click here to thank your State Assembly member today.

The State Senate passed the Compact on February 4, and with growing threats to export water out of the Basin, the Legislature's actions couldn't be more timely. The Great Lakes are home to the world’s single largest source of fresh surface water and represent 95 percent of the fresh surface water in the U.S. Great Lakes water is a critical resource for New York , providing drinking water to nearly four million residents, producing clean, green hydroelectric energy and power to countless households, and providing jobs and millions of dollars by way of industrial and agricultural uses, navigation, recreation and tourism.

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