Monday, April 7, 2008

Advocates Looking for Funds, Supporters

Environmental Advocates of New York is looking for funds and more supporters:

Every day New York's power plants, cars, factories and homes (and countless other sources), release hundreds of thousands of tons of climate-altering pollution into our air.

While most of us think of global warming as a "global" challenge, there is a lot that states can do to cut their contributions to climate change. And New York's contribution is significant. Our pollution accounts for about one percent of the world's total carbon dioxide emissions, that's equal to the emissions of Switzerland, and just shy of Australia's.

We need to educate New York lawmakers about how we can cut climate change pollution here at home, and on Earth Day 2008, green groups from across the state are coming to Albany to do just that.

To make our presence known in the State Capital and show that the environmental community is a unified force, we are printing special Earth Day t-shirts. However, we are $2000 short of being able to print shirts for everyone coming to Albany.
....If you'd like to join us in Albany for Earth Day Lobby Day, please contact NYPIRG for more information.

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