Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Green Book Reads

Some green book reviews, though if you want to read just one, start with "American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau" which has this lovely bit of information among its 100 essays:
...from Don Marquis (1878-1937), whose alter ego was a cockroach who came out at night and typed on Marquis’ keyboard. (Everything is lower case because the roach couldn’t handle the shift key):
From his “what the ants are saying,” these few lines are especially poignant:
It wont be long now it wont be long
man is making deserts of the earth
it wont be long now
before man will have used it up

Ending with
Dear boss I relay this information
without any fear that humanity
will take warning and reform

3 books: Eco-Dog, Environment Equation, Easy Green Living

The Jungle Effect
The Weather Makers
Field Notes From a Catastrophe
Green Roof Plants
Fast Food Nation
Back to Basics
Off the Grid
Green Chic
Silent Spring
Polar Bears

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