Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Huntington Fair

Environmental news from Huntington:

Huntington Supervisor Frank P. Petrone, Councilmen Stuart P. Besen and Mark Cuthbertson, Covanta, Commerce Bank and The Solar Center will be hosting several events on Saturday in the Town Hall parking lot between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The Huntington Family Earth Day Expo will include "Plug-in to E-Cycling Day," the Green Showcase and the Touch-A-Truck event.

The Huntington Family Earth Day Expo will start with the annual "Plug-in to E-Cycling Day," co-sponsored by Covanta Energy Corporation. This is the latest addition to the town's comprehensive and expansive recycling program, giving residents the opportunity to dispose of obsolete e-waste items such as cell phones, pagers, radios, stereos, computers, laptops, fax machines and televisions. These potentially hazardous de-commissioned creatures that might be cluttering up your home can be easily disposed of on April 12th and may be given the opportunity to be reused through the process of e-cycling!

"Today many of our electronics are becoming similar to disposable toys," said Petrone. "Technology is moving so fast and before you know it, our cell phone or electronic game can become outdated tomorrow. We must keep in mind our landfill capacity when discarding noxious materials such as these."

According to published reports, electronic waste still only represents 1 percent of the overall waste stream, but its potential impact on the environment is high. Some electronic appliances like laptops and televisions contain a myriad of different harmful elements such as lead, mercury, beryllium and cadmium.

The Huntington Family Earth Day Expo will also include a family-focused Green Showcase thanks to the sponsorship of Commerce Bank and the Solar Center. This first time event will feature multiple hands-on demonstrations on residential solar energy, "green" cleaning, composting, organic gardening and how to make your own biofuel. A special children's portion on organic gardening will teach children how to make a small pot out of recycled newspaper, plant an organic vegetable seed or flower and then let them take it home to watch it grow.

Councilman Mark Cuthbertson has partnered with Wild By Nature to provide the first 500 families who bring a minimum of 10 plastic grocery bags for recycling to the Huntington Family Earth Day Expo, with a free reusable grocery bag.

"Children and parents alike will definitely have the opportunity for a lot of ‘hands-on' fun at this event," said Cuthbertson. "In recognition of Earth Day, it is equally important to be able to show families across Huntington how easy it is to protect kids from harmful chemicals and pesticides, how to make homes and cars more energy efficient and how to save money in the process."

The last part of the expo will include the annual "Touch A Truck" event in the adjacent parking lot. This is a unique opportunity for kids and adults alike to climb, touch and learn about the functionality and safety aspects of the different trucks displayed. Some trucks participating will be a fire truck, rescue vehicle, dump truck, street cleaner, electric lawn mower, biofuel motorcycle and, of course, a garbage truck.

Covanta Energy
is assisting with just that. On April 12th, for a four-hour time slot, residents can bring their e-waste to Town Hall Parking Lot and rest assured that our local landfill will be relieved for the weekend. Covanta will haul the dumpster away to a participating e-waste facility.

For more information, call either Steve Jimenez at 351-3171 or Susannah Mrazek at 351-3270.

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