Friday, June 27, 2008

News From Quail Hill Farm

Quail Hill Farm, part of the Peconic Land Trust, reports the following:

WANTED! Cheese Maker to Lead Workshop
Many farm members who have read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle have wondered how to make fresh cheese using whole, pasteurized milk. Although Kingsolver writes that it is quite easy, a friend of Linda Lacchia's who tried making mozzarella found that it requires some technique. If you know of someone who can lead a cheese-making workshop, please contact Linda.

Farm members have also expressed interest in starting a book club with a focus, perhaps, on community supported and green agriculture as well as issues regarding sustainability. For more information or to suggest areas of study, contact Linda. Let her know meeting preferences, i.e., day or evening, weekend for weekday.

Pot Luck Supper July 26 in the Apple Orchard

Every July, the farm community gathers in the middle of the season to celebrate the summer harvest and enjoy the farm as the day softens into dusk. Farm members and their guests are invited to dine under the apple trees. Bring blankets or beach chairs to lounge on. Watch the antics of children as they romp in the grass and climb trees. If we are lucky someone will bring a guitar or other instrument.

Please bring a dish to feed 8-appetizer, main course, vegetable side or dessert-along with a serving utensil. Also bring your own plates and utensils (the farm will have paper goods and plastic as a back-up).

Supplementing potluck offerings are simple grilled chicken, sausage and fish dishes-the makings provided by the farm. Volunteers are needed to prepare them in a recipe of your choice. Contact Linda, who organizes the event, for more info and to volunteer.

The Trust and the farm provide beer, wine and cold nonalcoholic drinks as well as the makings for those gooey treats: s'mores.

Volunteers are also needed to shop for extras and ice, help set up the tables, put the cold beverages on ice, and clean up-to, as Linda says, schlep, schlep, schlep!

The Great Tomato Taste-Off
Saturday, August 30
9:00 am to noon
The Apple Orchard

It's never too early to dream about QHF's vine-ripened tomatoes! This year, nearly 50 (!) heirloom varieties are being grown, many new to the farm.

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