Friday, July 18, 2008

GoGreenTube Video

GoGreenTube is a new video site you should check out. We spoke with Mike Shell today:

What is the goal of
To become the worldwide green destination for corporations, governments, and individuals who want to learn more about going green. We also want people to share innovations and ideas about new products, services and other green organizations that can help assist the world in being more green.

Is this a solo operation or do you have partners?
There are currently four partners including me, all from Fortune 100 IT companies.

When did it launch?
Middle of June 2008

Are you affiliated with any other green organizations? and another 20 in the works.

Are you affiliated with YouTube?
Sorry, no.

Have you previously been involved in environmental issues?
Our families have always been into recycling and being very aware about our impact on the environment.

Who do you hope to influence--are you expecting videos to translate into action?
We want to assist people around the planet in going green by eventually offering tens of thousands of green videos. We hope to give people the tools needed so they can take action to help save our environment globally. When anyone wants to learn a subject, for example on how to solar their home or business, we want them to use GGT as a reference and also we will soon have discounts on all products for GGT users.

Do you have a sense yet of who your audience is? Are your videos turning up elsewhere?
We need to create our audience from two sectors (1) The new green consumer that just recently became aware of their own personal carbon footprint on the planet and now use this newfound knowledge to live and shop green (2) The green individuals that have been integrating green practices into their daily lives for years.
Yes we have had several dozen links to our videos from places like Romania, Germany, France, Russia, and of course the U.S.

Is there anything else we should know?
Yes, we really like your site (Great Job)

(sorry, I couldn't resist including the last answer.)

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