Saturday, July 26, 2008

GreenSpeak's 'Healthy Food Issues'

Coming Monday.

Don't Miss...GreenSpeaks "Healthy Food Issues and Answers"

What: Panel discussion about food and its impact on our health. What we eat, its nutritional value, how it was farmed, the ingredients used, the addition of chemicals such as preservatives and food colorings, where it was produced, the ways it is transported, how we prepare it, what we do with the wastes left over. Each of these has significant effects on our family's health and the environment.

Who: Top speakers that are known experts in their field. Dr. Josephine Connelly-Schoonen, professor of nutrition at Stony Brook University Medical School, is also the director of Heart Links, an educational program working with local schools to combat food related childhood diseases including obesity, diabetes and others. Bob DiBenedetto is executive director of HealthyPlanet, a community organization that provides healthy lifestyle educational programs. Scott Chaskey is general manager of Peconic Land Trust's Quail Hill Farm, an organic community supported agriculture center on the east end of Long Island, and also serves as the current president of the NY Chapter of Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA).

What Else: Enjoy a sampling of appetizers prepared by Sans Souci Catering, which specializes in gourmet and organic foods. A home-cooked approach is combined with artistic inspirations, All dishes are prepared lovingly starting with the use of only good quality fresh ingredients, choosing locally produced and organic foods when possible.

When and Where: July 28, 7 PM - Duke Lecture Hall, Chancellors Hall, Stony Brook Southampton Campus Click Here for Directions

Need More Info?, 631-721-1908, or e-mail

LI Green, a not for profit organization affiliated with Stony Brook University's Advanced Energy Research Technology Center and the Stony Brook Southampton Sustainability program, offers GreenSpeaks, an educational program designed to provide noncommercial biased, relevance based knowledge about green topics. The programs are designed to be highly interactive with plenty of opportunity for questions from the audience. Attendees leave these meetings with resource handouts so that they can easily find the products and other items they need to immediately apply the steps that they learn about at this event.

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