Sunday, July 20, 2008

'Healthy Food' Forum

From LI Green:

“Healthy Food Issues and Answers”, the impact of food on health and the environment is the topic of discussion for the next LI Green GreenSpeaks Community Awareness Program that will be held on Monday July 28 7 pm in the Duke Lecture Hall, Chancellors Hall on the Stony Brook Southampton campus.

This program is for all members of the community and is designed to be highly interactive with plenty of opportunity for questions and comments from the audience. Attendees will leave with resource handouts so that they can easily follow what they learn about.

“Food is a green issue,” stated Chuck Schwartz, director of LI Green and the moderator of the program. “What we eat, its nutritional value, how it was farmed, the ingredients used, the addition of chemicals such as preservatives and food colorings, where it was produced, the ways it is transported, how we prepare it, what we do with the wastes left over. Each of these has significant effects on our family’s health and the environment.”

“This month’s GreenSpeaks program is especially exciting,” continues Mr. Schwartz. “Each speaker on our panel is a known expert in their field. Dr. Josephine Connelly-Schoonen, professor of nutrition at Stony Brook University Medical School, is also the director of Heart-Links, an educational program working with local schools to combat food related childhood diseases including obesity, diabetes and others. Bob DiBenidetto is a partner at Healthy Planet, a community organization that provides healthy lifestyle educational programs. Scott Chaskey is general manager of Quail Hill Farms, an organic community supported agriculture center on the east end of Long Island, and also serves as the current president of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA).”

Some of the topics that will be discussed at the July 28th GreenSpeaks lecture include:

§ Why the risk to children from food related diseases is approaching catastrophic levels and what we have to do about it?
§ What do “Natural” and “Organic” really mean and how to see beyond the advertising hype.
§ How do you really read and understand food labels?
§ Which foods and ingredients it is essential get removed from everyone’s diets?
§ Do risks from food additives, pesticide residues, dyes and preservatives really exist?
§ What are the benefits to your health, pocketbook and the environment from eating a more plant based diet and why it may be so vital.
§ What are the health and environmental advantages of eating a diet that is more locally produced?

GreenSpeaks lectures are held periodically at Stony Brook Southampton on green topics. Starting this fall programs will also be held in other locations throughout Long Island. More information is available at


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