Sunday, September 21, 2008

Winter's on the Way

OK, so the Friday night-Saturday morning chill prodded me further down the path toward winterizing the house. I'd already started putting a couple of rugs (small ones so they can be cleaned more easily) in a downstairs hallway that is always colder than the rest of the house.

My tenants, who seem to like a very warm apartment, will be putting up new, hopefully weatherized, curtains of their choice on my dime. Their apartment is definitely colder than the rest of the house because it faces north and gets less direct sun.

Next weekend, I'm buying a cover for their in-wall air conditioner and trying to figure out what to do with a similar one I have but don't use because of central AC. (Mine is on the second floor and next to impossible to get to without a giant ladder.)

I also used some spray foam insulation in several little cracks and holes in different places. I'm still cleaning it off my fingers and arms.

Other plans:
Put the insulation materials in the space under the stairs, just off that cold hallway, that allows a lot of frigid air to come up the stairs and into the main living area. And I really do want to try some straw bales to absorb some of the cold air (This stairwell space is right off the garage).

Arrange for an oil burner tuneup for the winter

Add some wall hangings to the cold hallway and stairwell

Cover more wood-floor space with carpets, at least for the winter.

Get the gutters cleaned

Add new weatherstripping to the main door--it's peeling off.

Add more curtains. I'd bought some very heavy, lined curtains for my living room but only 2 so far because they were expensive. I want to add either more of the same or another rod of curtains to go underneath the two heavy ones.

If I have some extra money, I want to add foam insulation to the entire house but may not be able to. The house was built in 1960-61 or thereabouts; I doubt very much that the insulation has been updated in many parts of the house. Last weekend, I discovered that some gypsum board had chipped away in a corner of the garage, exposing plain wood. There may be some insulation near there but I'm not seeing it.

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Anonymous said...

Spray foam in the walls is helpful but expensive.