Saturday, October 18, 2008

Book: 'Going Green: A Wise Consumer's Guide'

From a review posted elsewhere:

If you're interested in tackling some global issues, you could always start with your lawn. In "Going Green: A Wise Consumer's Guide to a Shrinking Planet," the authors bring huge issues about the state of the planet down to a human, even mundane level.

They aren't the only ones to have taken this approach but theirs is particularly effective, since they speak for their ideas from personal experience.

The book keys on seven main areas:

Choosing energy efficient and clean transportation
Green housing
Land use
Green and worker-friendly clothes
Forest use

There are a lot of ways to take up their ideas and plenty of ways to get motivated. If you need a little guilt to get started, there's the reminder that with our purchases, we may be supporting companies that are destroying habitats, warming the planet or damaging people's health. The latest failures on Wall Street remind us that corporations exist to make money and may be doing things we don't like.

Or we may just feel it's time to do the right thing, with an eye on the future and the well-being of those who come after us.

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