Friday, August 14, 2009

Creating a Green Economy

I grew up in a steel town where blue-collar industry was everything and jobs were plentiful. That's no longer the case in the Rust Belt. But some people are seeing the same signs here on Long Island: certain kinds of jobs are dying, the area is hurting for new ideas, not to mention, young people. But maybe we can do something about it, and follow the example of other areas.

Pittsburgh, one of those Rust Belt cities hard hit in recent decades, may have found some solutions.

Pittsburgh reinvents itself through green economy

The Associated Press
PITTSBURGH - Imagine this: At a meeting, you pull out your solar-powered, flexible plastic laptop , fueled by an organic "ink" solution , and roll it out on the desk. Within two weeks, you dump this piece of cheap technology and buy a new one.

This is the vision of Plextronics, one of more than 2,600 environmentally friendly companies that have settled in Pittsburgh and revitalized the local economy through good-paying jobs.

Yes, the city whose sprawling steel mills and smoky skies once symbolized America's industrial might has gone "green." Pittsburgh's emphasis on green recovery was one reason it was able to land the Group of 20 global economic summit next month.

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