Sunday, August 9, 2009


Americans, pardon the language but apparently in India, this is not a bad word.

Clean cause: Now, Twitter for shitters in India
Insiya Amir, TNN 7 |
Shit is not a dirty word. After all, we spend six months to three years on the toilet seat in a lifetime. It is about time we cut through the
crap and give 2.6 billion people on the planet a chance do the same. That's exactly the aim of Twitter for Sh-tters, which is using the power of the current darling of social networking, Twitter, to raise money for building toilets in India.

The idea is simple. Every day, Twitter users like you and me around the world, are asked to spend the day tweeting to try and get their followers to donate. With every $400 raised, Wherever The Need, an NGO based in the US, UK and India, builds an eco-sanitation toilet for Indians, 660 million of whom still defecate in the open.