Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Businesses and Environmentalism

If you've lived in or visited other parts of the country that are more environmentally aware, you already know that Long Island seriously lags but is waking up to some of these issues. A smattering of businesses are engaged in trying to change attitudes here, but it isn't easy, since many aspects of Long Island here run counter to basic environmental living: the car culture--and the anti-biking mentality, including the huge numbers of people who commute long distances just for work; the relentless drive to build; zoning rules and lawn care being just a few of them.

I just got back from a short visit to the green business symposium, sponsored by the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce. The event continues all day. One of the noteworthy experiences of the symposium is discovering which LI businesses are indeed trying to be environmentally aware; a few others are on the periphery, and others are just venturing in, along with some banks and credit unions trying to financially support businesses that are thinking about green issues.

Particularly impressive was David Hamilton of EmPower CES (Clean Energy Solutions) who knew a lot about solar energy and tax issues.

I'll be doing Q&A interviews with several of the business reps who were there today, linking to their sites and reporting on what they're doing.

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