Sunday, September 13, 2009

NY Deposit on Water Bottles Nears

This is so overdue. But sugared water bottles should be governed by the same law.

NY water bottle deposits expected to start in October

ALBANY -- New York plans to start collecting 5-cent deposits on bottles of water next month, saying a recent court ruling gives it the right to begin the program.

But some bottlers don't see the situation the same way and said it would impossible, particularly for smaller companies, to have the program running next month.

At issue is a ruling last month in state Supreme Court that lifted an injunction that had barred the state from beginning the program, which was adopted earlier this year by the Legislature and Gov. David Paterson.

The ruling gave the bottle-water industry until Oct. 22 to implement the program, unless it could prove that it needed more time. The case is due back in court that day, and it would be up to Judge Deborah Batts to decide whether to give more time.

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