Sunday, September 13, 2009

Scholarships Available for Long Islanders

Scholarship information from the Green Schools committee:

Green Schools

The Green Schools committee aims to change the way that we conceptualize the role and design of schools. They are not only places for intellectual and social growth, but truly exist as second homes for the 60 million young students, faculty, and staff that occupy them every day.

The variety of our committee’s membership allows us to offer a variety of resources to the school communities. We welcome you to join our committee and offer your unique perspective. Meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 3:30pm in Melville. If you are interested in attending, contact and we will send you more information.

(US Green Buildings Council-LI chapter)

Tell us Your Environmental Solutions for a Chance to Win One of Four USGBC-LI Chapter Scholarships!

*2* Platinum Scholarships at $2,500 each
*1* GOLD Scholarship at $1,500
*1* Silver Scholarship at $1,000

Select one of the following topics and write an Essay (~500 Words)

TOPIC A - Barack Obama’s Alternative Energy Plan
President Barack Obama’s alternative energy plan is to declare our energy independence once and for all. He is proposing an “all of the above” approach to energy independence that includes nuclear power, wind, solar and clean coal, as well as more offshore oil drilling. Which alternative energy do you feel would benefit the country most and why? What are the Pro’s and Con’s?

TOPIC B - Carbon Footprint
America’s carbon footprint is growing everyday. As the population expands, Americans are using up more land for development, driving more, consuming more materials and energy therefore emitting more greenhouse gas emissions attributing to the accelerating global climate change. What rules and regulations do you believe could be implemented that would have the greatest impact on reducing America’s carbon footprint?

TOPIC C - “Organic Pollution on Long Island”
What can be done to better protect Long Island’s aquifer system from contamination due to human activities?

TOPIC D - “Green Building”
Green buildings protect ecosystems and biodiversity, conserve energy and natural resources, improve air and water quality, and provide healthier environments for their occupants and neighboring communities. Describe an original legal, educational,
policy or community initiative that you would create to accelerate the adoption of green building practices. Include specifics about the scope and design of your initiative, as well as benchmarks for progress.

♦ You are from Long Island and are enrolled in an accredited College, University, or Trade/Vocational school OR you currently attend a College or University on Long Island
♦ College Transcript
♦ Current enrollment verification
♦ Complete USGBC-LI Scholarship Application
♦ Essay
♦ Letter of Recommendation
♦ Other information that you would like to submit for review.

♦ Submission by November 20

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