Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day--Do Something!

It's Blog Action Day, an annual event where bloggers around the world focus on one topic, trying to inform people about the issues and inspire action. This year's theme, with more than 7,000 bloggers, is climate change. Here's a great page from Google and Al Gore.
And the Pew Trust has put together some facts and figures to rebut global warming deniers.

On Twitter, you can follow postings through the hash tag #BAD.

One of the advantages of BAD is that you get to see how very much more involved the rest of the world is in trying to fix things, compared to the United States. Here on Long Island, we're really much slower to respond and act than are people in many other states. One indicator: Various websites and organizations offer green-job listings. Rarely are there any for New York, even fewer for this region. Meantime, solar tech jobs, environmental testers, program administrators, etc., are needed in other states, particularly in the Northwest.

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