Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Europe Gets Tough on Fishing

Can Long Island be far behind? Yes.

Good:  Tougher Penalties in the EU for illegal fishing

LUXEMBOURG — The European Union agreed Tuesday on tougher penalties to counter illegal fishing, considered a major cause of the depletion of fish stocks in European waters, particularly of prized cod and bluefin tuna.

The penalties include fishing boats being banned after four infractions and fines being imposed on member states failing to enforce controls.
 Amateurs aren't exempt:
EU to monitor amateur fishermen
(UKPA) Amateur anglers are to be included in tougher controls on EU fishing which have been agreed as part of continuing efforts to revive dwindling stocks.
A deal struck in Luxembourg means closer monitoring of licensed fishing boats, stiff penalties on the industry and national authorities for breaching strict annual catch quotas, and the first-ever inclusion of casual fishermen in the Common Fisheries Policy net. After howls of anguish from MEPs earlier this year, the new deal clarifies that those catching a bit of supper off the end of the local jetty with a rod and line will not be included.
And even anglers putting to sea will not have to report every landed tiddler to the authorities - unless the fish on the line is subject to an EU stock recovery programme, such as cod in the North Sea.
And earlier, a warning on cod.

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