Wednesday, October 7, 2009

'Green Sewing'

Learn about green sewing, here:

I'm not that big on sewing, but thanks to "Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made With Repurposed & Organic Materials," I can claim one small success.

Plastic sandwich bags, with all their convenience and reliability, are a huge waste of money and contributor to the overload of trash we all experience. With two of us taking lunches every day, we needed a new idea, one that proved more popular with one of us than the other.

Author Betz White's "reusable sandwich wraps" is an ideal little project. She proposes using polyurethane laminated fabric, which we happened to have around the house in the form of a tablecloth that was the wrong shape for our table. In five relatively easy steps, we were able to cut, hem, attach flaps and tape, and wrap. While PUL, as it's known, may not sound all that great as a green product, it certainly doesn't hurt to repurpose it. And it cuts down on the 20 or 30 bags we use for sandwiches, chips and other snacks for long commutes and even-longer school days.

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