Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fluorescent Lights

From LIPA:

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs...Good For You. Good for the Environment.

Did you know, if every homeowner on Long Island changed just one incandescent bulb to a CFL, it would be like removing 52,942 cars from our roads per year?

FACT: The energy used in the average home can be responsible for more than twice the greenhouse gas emissions of the average car. When you use less energy at home, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and help protect our environment from the risks of global climate change.

Remember, saving energy helps prevent pollution. On average, each ENERGY STAR® qualified CFL can prevent more than 450 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime.

The Long Island Power Authority is participating in the 2007 "Change A Light, Change the World" campaign. The purpose of this program is to encourage the replacement of all incandescent lighting with energy efficient, ENERGY STAR qualified lighting. Find out more details about this program.

But there are some down sides to using CFL, as Jeff McIntire-Strasburg points out at Sustainablog

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